Timothy R. Pearson


Timothy R. Pearson is the Founder & President of Pearson Advisors || Partners, a marketing management consulting firm serving Fortune 1000 and brand-driven clients requiring business strategy and planning, mergers and acquisitions analysis, brand strategy and value proposition development, go-to-market activation, and business and brand analytics. Tim is a highly sought advisor to senior management and a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences, at leadership meetings, and on the lecture circuit. He has served as president and CEO of a leading international management consulting firm, Zyman Group, and as Vice Chair, Global Managing Partner,  Marketing and Communications for  KPMG.  He  was  also  the  global

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Big 4 audit, tax, and advisory firm’s first Chief Marketing Officer. Earlier in his career he was President of several award-winning advertising agencies, where he led initiatives for and within a number of the world’s leading companies. 
Pearson is often quoted by newspapers and commentators. He has written articles for Brandweek magazine, and lectured before numerous audiences and members of the American Marketing Association on topics ranging from "Do or Die: The Reinvention of Marketing," "Out of the Blue: A Global Brand Defined," "The Value of Leadership and Business Ethics," "The M&M Factor," "Machiavelli on Global Branding," "Top of Mind: Product or Service – Focus Must Be Clear," and "Competitive Positioning by Cable Television Against the Networks." 
Tim Pearson has served on the Advisory Board of the Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway, and on the Harvard Business School's Dean's Research Society. He has received numerous honors in the marketing arena, including but not limited to Advertising Age’s Best, The Wall Street Journal’s Best, and multiple Belding, Cable, Clio, Echo, Golden Phone, Lulu, Proto, PRSA, and Sunny awards. 
Pearson is also the co-creator of numerous interactive games and was issued U.S. Patent #5,018,736, “Interactive Game System and Method,” U.S. Patent #5,263,723, “Interactive Contest System,” and Canada Patent #2,044,266, “Interactive Game System and Method”.  
Tim received his B.A. in English Literature from DePauw University where he was a Maxwell Scholar. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and Saddle River, New Jersey.